SNG Wizard Review: ICM Tool for SNG Players

SNG Wizard Review: ICM Tool for SNG Players

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The SNG Wizard is an offline poker tool for tournaments, in particular Sit and Go’s and Double or Nothing tournaments. The Sit and Go Wizard imports your hand histories and analyses with the Independent Chip Model (ICM) which hands you should have played differently.

Remember: the higher the blinds, the smaller the relative stacks and the closer you are to the bubble, the more the value of chips differs from the dollar-value of the chips (the dollar expected value). While the mathematical concept of ICM is quite difficult to understand, it is very easy to train yourself in ICM with a tool such as the SNG Wizard.

Sit and Go Wizard: The Tool for Perfect Late Game Strategy in Tournaments

In the late game of tournaments, the best strategy becomes quite simple. Because the blinds are high compared to the stacks (less than 10 to 15 BB effective stacks), you basically only have two options before the flop: move all-in or fold. When you move all-in, you hope to steal the blinds uncontested. But it is difficult for beginners (and eve for advanced players) to get a feeling when to move all-in and when to fold close to the bubble. As you might already have read some articles about ICM, you will know that the endgame in single table tournaments is mathematically a “solved game”. There are only few players left and you only have the two options “push” or “fold” before the flop. Therefore, the complete option space can be calculated in less than a second. And this is what the SNG Wiz does. It calculates the mathematically optimal strategy for you, the one where you maximize your ROI. Remember: everytime you do not play optimally, you lose money. So read on or grab yourself a copy of the SNG wizard now.

Review: How the SNG Wizard Works

The SnG Wizard imports the handhistories of your single and multitable tournaments and analyzes each hand individually. The tool currently supports handhistories from the following poker sites:

  • Party Poker
  • PokerStars
  • Full Tilt Poker
  • Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker
  • iPoker network(Titan Poker)
  • PKR
  • BWIN, Betsson (OnGame Network)

The SNG Wizard automatically calculates the $EV (dollar-expected value) of your chips and suggests you whether you should fold or push all-in in order to maximize the $EV of your chips. This expected value depends on many factors:

  • Position
  • Size of the stacks
  • Level of blinds and antes
  • Number of remaining players
  • Willingness of these players to call, or to go all-in
  • Payout Structure

While it is impossible to calculate the mathematical correct play live during a tournament, the Sit and Go Wizard helps you analyze which hands you could have played differently in order to increase your ROI.

Improve your ROI with SNG Wizard

The program provides you with mathematical evidence and examples based on your own played hands which you could have played differently. As in the late stage of tournaments you only have the two options “all-in” or “fold”, the poker tool shows you situations where you chose the wrong option. Of course there is a lot of guesswork involved, as the hand ranges (pushing and calling ranges) of the opponents have to be estimated. But this is another strength of the SNG Wizard: using a graphical representation of $EV based on pushing/calling ranges, you can see the impact of changing these factors on your dollar expected value.

Please note that some poker rooms do not allow you the run the SNG Wiz while playing poker online. This makes little sense anyway, because you either play poker or analyze your poker game – you should not do both at the same time. The reason for this ban is that the Sit and Go Wizard, as any ICM calculator, could also potentially be used by bots in order to cheat during online poker tournaments.

Download now the free trial version of the SNG Wizard

The poker tool costs $99, which seems pretty much at first glance. But you should note that this is less than the prize money you get when winning a SNG with a buy-in of $20 or more. And the SNG wizard is in our opinion the poker review and analysis software that increases your ROI the most. And improving the late game strategy in tournaments is what separates fishes from sharks. Therefore, the purchase price should be viewed as an investment in your poker game, and as a basis for increasing your ROI.

The great news is that you can test the SNG wizard for free: Download the 30day, fully functional free trial version of the SNG Wizard now and increase your ROI!