Webmasters – Earn Money as a Poker Affiliate

Do you run an own website? Do you want to earn a few extra bucks? Then we suggest that you add a few banners and links from selected poker rooms to your site. This won’t probably make you a millionaire, but you can easily earn a few extra dollars with almost no work. Just join a few of the following recommended affiliate programs to get the ball rolling!

Best Poker Affiliate Programs
  • 888 Affiliate Program
    Visit affiliates.888.com now!
    888 Affiliates: Lucky Ace Poker and 888 Brands

    Two strong brands to promote here: 888 and Lucky Ace. Both offer also casino games, which will attract high volume gamblers as well.

  • Affiliate Lounge
    Affiliatelounge: Betsafe, Betsson and Others

    Another two well-known brands: Betsafe and Betsson. Earn up to 50% revenue share here!

  • Casoo Partners
    Promote Casoo on Your Website

    If you have a general gambling site, then you should promote Casoo. This operator has a great casino with RS, CPA and hybrid deal!

  • Deckmedia
    How About Promoting U.S. Casinos?

    We made good experiences with placing casino ads on our sites. Many tournament players also enjoy playing black jack or roulette.


How do Poker Affiliate Programs Work?

That’s easily explained. You just place a banner or a text link on your website (or even in an email to a friend). Once a person clicks on that link, the poker room “knows” that this person was referred by you. If that person opens an account and starts playing online, you are entitled to earn a commission.

The commission depends on the affiliate program. You can usually choose between two options:

  • CPA (Cost per Acquisition): Here you will get a one-time payment of about 100$ to 200$, depending on the program and of the number of players you refer each month.
  • Revenue Share: Here you will earn lifetime commissions from your referred players. These vary usually between 25% and 40% of the net revenues a referred player generates.

Obviously, if you refer high-volume players that are loyal to one poker room, revenue share is the way to go. If you are looking for quick cash and the player value might only be low, then CPA is the better option.
On another note, unfortunately there are a lot of affiliate programs that scam their webmasters / affiliates. For example, by not paying them, by lowering the agreed commission, or by retroactively requesting quotas (like 6 new depositors per 3 months) and then by closing the accounts (and keeping all the players) for webmasters who are not able to meet that quota. It makes sense to do some research by yourself, for example by checking out here on what affiliate programs to avoid.
So just give it a try- it’s free to join! And if you have any questions about this subject, just drop us an email and we will help you: