Poker Room Bonus Codes

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888 Poker (read our review)

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BetOnline Poker

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T&C apply to bonus offerings – please check them on the operators website.


Why do Poker Rooms have Bonus Codes?

When you sign up using a bonus code, you get a gift from the poker room. The poker site gives you money in the form of a welcome bonus. Of course, this costs the poker room money. That is why the poker room only gives the bonus to those players who know about bonus codes and type in that code. This reduces the number of players that to poker room has to give that free signup bonus, and thus reduces the costs.

Where do I Have to Enter the Bonus Code?

If you sign up at a new poker site, then you need to enter your personal details such as name, zip code and e-mail address. When registering, you will see a field called “bonus code”, “promo code” or “reference code”. Just type in the coupon code from the above table in order to benefit from the maximum bonus.

Where Should I Play Online Poker?

Choosing a poker room with a big bonus is important. Equally important, however, is to sign up at a poker site where playing poker is fun. Depending on whether

  • you play SNG and MTT tournaments or cash games
  • you play poker at low or high stakes
  • a nice design is important for you
  • you are looking for a poker site with weak competition (many fishes)
  • you are looking for a secure, reliable site

you should chose a different poker rooms. If you are not sure where you should start playing online poker, then just have a look here to find out which is the best poker room for you.

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