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Buying Poker Hand Histories at

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Hand Histories are databases of poker hands played online. When you play at an online poker room, the poker software logs and saves the hands played of a poker player in the form of a hand history locally on the PC of the player. The poker rooms are using different formats to save the hand histories. But each poker site saves the hands played in a format where all relevant information is kept. So all the data needed to replay a hand is stored.

Use of Hand Histories in Tracking Software (Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker)

Programs such as the Sit and Go Wizard, can import hand histories from poker tournaments such as Sit and Go’s (STT) and Multi Table Tournaments in order to help players analyzing their poker game. There are also tracking programs such as the Holdem Manager (HM) or Poker Tracker 3 (PT3). With such tracking software players can also analyze their game, see their total winnings, their ROI and the profit per hand, as well as much more information. Advanced poker tracking programs such as HM and PT3 also include a HUD (Head-Up Display), which will display live data about how opponents play in almost real-time directly on the poker tables on the PC screen. A HUD is a very practical software tool for players who multitable. It is almost impossible when 6tabling to keep track of the game play of each of the about 50 opponents at the tables.

Tracking software with a HUD is extremely helpful and will assist you to have reads on your opponents. You can display, for example, in real-time the percentage of starting hands an opponent is playing (VPIP, voluntary put money in pot), how often he is raising pre-flop (PFR, pre-flop raise) and how aggressively he plays (AF, aggression factor).

But what if you have just moved up one limit or if you have switched poker room due to an interesting bonus offering? In such a case, the services of will help you save plenty of money. On HandHQ you can conveniently buy thousands or even millions of datamined hands. HandHQ is datamining (collecting) hands played on almost all cash game  limits and on all major poker rooms. Buying hand histories online gives you a big advantage: you can import the datamined hands into HM or PT3 and use that data in your HUD. So you will be able to know your opponents even before you actually sat at the same table with them. This will enable you to adjust your playing style against these opponents and increase your winnings against them.

HandHQ: Supported Poker Rooms

HandHQ offers hand histories of the following poker rooms

Poker games and limits with Hand Histories

HandHQ offers dataminded hand histories for cash games. Hands from MTTs and Sit and Go’s are not covered. The value of datamined hands from tournaments would also be relatively low, as factors such as the bubble, the size of the blinds and the stack-to-blind ratio (both on average and per player) would have to be considered as well.

You can buy online hand histories at HandHQ for Texas Hold’em poker games (No-Limit and Fixed Limit) and Pot-Limit Omaha.

Depending on the limit and providers, there are different sets of hands for sale. In general, files including between 100,000 and seven million hands played can be downloaded at HandHQ.

Hand Histories can be bought for specific limits. You will find hand histories for sale at HandHQ for each of the cash game limits offered by the covered a poker rooms. These include Texas Hold’em no-limit cash games NL5, NL10, NL25, NL50, NL100, NL200, NL400, NL600 and NL1000.

You can buy hand histories for a specific number of players per table. As the playing style of a player in heads-up poker is quite different to his style at a full ring table, this option really makes sense: you will only have to pay for the datamined hands that you will really use. The selection by number of players includes Heads-Up, 6max and full ring (7 or more players).

Prices for Hand Histories at HandHQ

The prices depend greatly on the limit you are interested in. The higher the limit, the higher the price (and the more valuable the acquired hand histories are). The more hands you buy, the cheaper the price per mined hand is. In order to get an idea of the prices, we provide you with an example of costs for purchasing datamined hands (NL50, full-ring table) at HandHQ:

  • 10,000 hands (to try it out): $0.99 ()
  • 200,000 hands: $10.00 (price per 100,000 hands: $5.00)
  • 400’000 hands: $14.40 (price per 100,000 hands: $3.60)
  • 600,000 hands: $21.60 (price per 100,000 hands: $3.60)
  • 800,000 hands: $25.60 (price per 100,000 hands: 3.20 $)
  • 1 million hands: $32.00 (price per 100,000 hands: $3.20)
  • 2 million hands: $52.00 (price per 100,000 hands: $2.60)
  • 3 million hands: $69.60 (price per 100,000 hands: $2.32)
  • 4 million hands: $84.80 (price per 100,000 hands: $2.12)
  • 5 million hands: $94.00 (price per 100,000 hands: $1.88)

Is it Legal to Purchase and Use Datamined Hands?

The poker rooms usually prohibit the datamining of hands, except when a the player himself is involved in the hand. HandHQ states that they have never agreed to the Terms and Conditions (ToC) of the poker rooms and that they therefore have no legal problems with mining and selling hand histories.

If you want to acquire hands datamined hands, visit the website of now. You can buy a sample package with 10,000 hands for only $0.99 – give it a try!