Poker Hole Cards Nicknames

Poker Hole Cards Nicknames

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We have compiled a list with the nicknames of all 91 possilbe hole card combinations from Texas Hold’em. Enjoy reading the list, and show your friends during the next home game that you have learned some of these Texas Hold’em Poker hole cards nicks:

[Ah As] American Airlines, Bullets, Rockets, Boots
[Ah Ks] Big Slick, Anna Kournikova (looks great, but never wins), Machine Gun
[Ah Qs] Big Chick, Ice Cream, Antonius and Kleopatra
[Ah Js] Jackass, Blackjack, Ajax
[Ah Ts] Johnny Moss
[Ah 9s] Rounders Hand (from the movie Rounders), Chris Ferguson
[Ah 8s] Dead Man’s Hand, Barely Legal
[Ah 7s] Red Baron
[Ah 6s] Mile High Club, Sweet Sixteen
[Ah 5s] High Five
[Ah 4s] Transvestite, Amen
[Ah 3s] Baskin Robbins (31), Ashtray
[Ah 2s] Hunting Season
[Kh Ks] King Kong, Cowboys, Ace Magnets
[Kh Qs] Wedding, Divorce
[Kh Js] Kojak, Harry Potter
[Kh Ts] Katie, Big Al
[Kh 9s] Canine, the Dog Hand
[Kh 8s] Monica Lewinsky
[Kh 7s] King Salmon
[Kh 6s] Concubine
[Kh 5s] Rotten King
[Kh 4s] Fork
[Kh 3s] King Crab, Three Kings
[Kh 2s] Donald Duck, Big Fritz
[Qh Qs] Ladies, Dames, Four Tits, Hilton Sisters, Siegfried and Roy, Cowgirls
[Qh Js] Oedipus, Maverick, Pinochle
[Qh Ts] Hot Babe, Quint
[Qh 9s] Quinine
[Qh 8s] Face Sitter, Kuwait
[Qh 7s] Computer Hand
[Qh 6s] Lancelot
[Qh 5s] Overtime, Granny Mae
[Qh 4s] F*cking The King
[Qh 3s] Gay Waiter
[Qh 2s] Daisy Duck
[Jh Js] Hooks, Fishing-Hooks, Jokers
[Jh Ts] Cloutier
[Jh 9s] Virgin Princss, German Virgin, Braggars
[Jh 8s] Jeffrey Dahmer
[Jh 7s] Jack Daniels
[Jh 6s] Railroad Hand
[Jh 5s] Jackson Five
[Jh 4s] Flat Tire
[Jh 3s] San Francisco Waitress
[Jh 2s] Jennifer Lopez
[Th Ts] TNT, Binary, Twenty Miles, Boxcars, Dimes, Dynamite
[Th 9s] Countdown
[Th 8s] Tetris
[Th 7s] Bowling Hand, Split
[Th 6s] Drivers License, Sweet Sixteen
[Th 5s] Woolworths, Five and Dime
[Th 4s] Highway patrol, Roger That
[Th 3s] Terminator 3
[Th 2s] Doyle Brunson, Terminator 2
[9h 9s] WayneGretsky, Hellmuth, German Virgin (nein-nein)
[9h 8s] Oldsmobile
[9h 7s] Old Man, Grapefruit
[9h 6s] Big Lick, Happy Meal, Valentinstag
[9h 5s] Dolly Parton, Working Man
[9h 4s] San Francisco (49er), Gold Rush
[9h 3s] Jack Benny (39 Years)
[9h 2s] Montana Banana, Twiggy (29), Golf Bag
[8h 8s] Snowman, Fat Women
[8h 7s] RPM (78)
[8h 6s] Maxwell Smart, Pacheco Nuts, Springfield Aces
[8h 5s] California County (85)
[8h 4s] Big Brother, George Orwell
[8h 3s] Rachel Welch (38)
[8h 2s] Dog Balls on a Duck, Sixty
[7h 7s] Hockey Sticks, Walking Sticks
[7h 6s] Union Oil, Philadelphia
[7h 5s] Heinz Ketchup
[7h 4s] Double Down
[7h 3s] Dutch Waiter
[7h 2s] Beer Hand
[6h 6s] Route 66, Kicks
[6h 5s] Retirement
[6h 4s] The Rabbit
[6h 3s] Blocky, Sick Crab
[6h 2s] Ainsworth, Bird Flu
[5h 5s] Presto, Speed Limit, Nickels
[5h 4s] Jesse James (45), Colt
[5h 3s] The Love Bug, Herbie
[5h 2s] Bomber, Two Bits (25)
[4h 4s] Sailing Boast, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, Midlife Crisis
[4h 3s] Waltzer
[4h 2s] Hitchhiker, Lumberjack Hand, The Miracle, Jack Bauer
[3h 3s] Crabs
[3h 2s] Can of Corn, Michael Jordan, Hooter Hand
[2h 2s] Ducks

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