Advanced Casino Strategy for Roulette, Black Jack and Slots

Advanced Casino Strategy for Roulette, Black Jack and Slots

After talking about the general casino strategies first, let’s learn more about strategies for the most popular casino games: Roulette, Black Jack and Slots.


Roulette Strategy

The most important thing when playing Roulette is bankroll management and placing even bets. As mentioned in the first chapter you shouldn’t bet more than 1/20 of your total cash at once. If you place even bets (red/black, odd/even, 1-18/19-36) you will be able to gamble for a long time.

The earlier mentioned Winning-Doubling-Strategy where you leave your won money on the table and only return to your initial deposit after 3 or more consecutive wins is more risky.

Roulette is overall a very fair game since 36/37 (above 97%) of deposits are paid back to the players. Thereby it doesn’t matter whether you place even bets, column bets of 6, 4 or 2 fields or whether you only play one number. The amount of profit in case you win depends on the probability.  It is important to know the difference between European and American Roulette. The American Roulette has a double-zero (00) next to the green zero (0), so the probability of winning is lower. 36/38 or about 95% of the placed bets flow back to the gamblers. If you are able to chose always play European Roulette with only one single-zero.

What you shouldn’t do is placing bets on events with low probability of winning. Betting on single numbers may cause you to lose your money quickly.

Also, you should bet only one chip per game. A typical behavior of gaming addicts is to cover half of the Roulette table with their chips. The overall probability then rises of course.  But ultimately, due to bigger bets those gamblers lose their money much faster than moderate players.

Why the Doubling-Strategy / Martingale-Strategy doesn’t work out at the Roulette table I discussed above. Lets talk about another myth: Making notes of numbers and the attempt to anticipate numbers by analyzing past events. Needless to say that this is nonsense. The ball and the Roulette bowl don’t know where the ball landed in previous games. As a result, every new game is independent from the previous game. To the layman without any knowledge of mathematics this may appear unusual if there is a streak of 7 consecutive reds. But this is just as likely as 4 x red, then 2 x black and a red in the end. Gamblers tend to trust in innate abilities to recognize patterns. But there are no patterns in Roulette. It doesn’t help to place bets on the number 27 just because that event didn’t occur for a long time. This may be true but the probability is not higher before the ball lands on the number and then falls again miraculously. The only thing that is true is the law of large numbers. If you play Roulette for a very long time all numbers would have been picked relatively equally. Therefore, it makes no sense to track statistics or look for patterns. It is not possible to anticipate future numbers.

Not a strategy but more a trick may be to estimate in which sector the ball will fall. This can be done with technical gadgets (not allowed in casinos, impossible in online casinos) or with a trained eye so you can call a sector just before the “Rien ne va plus“. But we are not aware of the existence of such a skill. Another probability would be that certain numbers get picked more often than others because of errors in the construction of the Roulette bowl. To beat the house edge of 2,7% that error must be really severe though. Moreover, in Roulette parts move in opposite ways: the bowl and the ball.

Even if the bowl tends to stop at a certain sector more often there would still be the ball that stops randomly.

Roulette strategy summarized: Roulette is pure gambling. Only place a small amount of your total money on even bets and you will be able to play for a long time. Everything else will cause you to lose everything with a probability higher than 50%.


Black Jack Strategy

The strategy at the Black Jack table is way more interesting than in Roulette as Black Jack is not all about luck. After all, you as the player decide whether you want to see another card or not. You have information on how well the house is positioned because the dealer will always reveal his first card before you make any decision. Furthermore, there is the possibility – depending on the initial situation – to double down or get insurance. To explain everything in this eBook in detail would go beyond the scope. I have attached a chart of the optimal strategy from Wikipedia that will tell you the best move depending on the situation. “Soft” means that you have an ace which counts as 11 points. This means that you cannot go bust by taking an additional card (click to enlarge).

Blackjack perfect strategy (chart)

If you keep playing Black Jack extensively you should try to memorize the optimal strategy. This way you will receive an expected return of 0,995 USD for each Dollar you bet. Using the optimal strategy, on average the house will win 0,5% of your bet (compared to 2,7% playing Roulette). For occasional players it is sufficient to stick to small bets, just like in Roulette, and hit (ask for another card) obeying the following rules:

The very simple strategy:

  • Hit until you have 17 or more points

The advanced strategy:

This strategy also takes into account the dealer’s first card that is openly shown to everyone. Dependent on that card you should stand (do not take more cards) sooner or later.

  • Hit until you have 17 or more points if the dealer’s card is a 7,8,9,10 or an ace
  • Hit until you have 12 or more points if the dealer’s card is a 4,5 or 6
  • Hit until you have 13 or more points if the dealer’s card is a 2 or 3

Advanced strategy with an ace on your hand

An ace can be counted as 1 or 11 points. If you want to count that ace as 11 points you should follow the following rules:

  • With 17 points consisting of 3 cards you should hit
  • With 18 points consisting of 3 cards you should hit if the dealer’s card is a 9,10 or an ace
  • With 19 or more points consisting of 3 cards you should stand

Using this relatively simple strategy you can decrease the house edge to a minimum and play with your money for a very long time. Stick strictly to these rules and don’t let you fool by your instincts or emotions.  It is also very important to play small amounts with every hand so you don’t lose your money too fast in case of an unlucky streak.

Another strategy in an online casino is to make use of good bonuses. The optimal Black Jack strategy will allow you to unlock bonuses and maybe achieve a little profit at the end of the day.


Slot Machines Strategy

Slot machines are very monotonous as there is no interaction with other players. Nevertheless, they still attract heaps of players. Just as with Black Jack or Roulette you will not get rich by gambling at slot machines, unless you win the jackpot.

If you want to play for a very long time you should choose the machine with the lowest deposits. Although the won profits are lower but as the bank will win all your money in the long run anyway you will at least be able to play a lot of games.

You should pay special attention to the jackpot. The probability to win the jackpot is always equally low. But if you are lucky you want to win the biggest amount possible, right? That’s why, when choosing between different slot machines with progressive jackpots you should always go for the one with the highest jackpot. If you gamble online take your time and chose a slot machine where the jackpot hasn’t been cracked for a long time. For that it might be worth to sign up for more than one online casino. Simply play at the provider that currently offers the highest jackpot.



To sum it up, you should focus on fun as in the long run you won’t be able earn money with gambling. If you want to play as long as possible you should only place minimum bets.  Only place even bets at the Roulette table. For Black Jack you should know the optimal strategy by heart. When it comes to slot machines only play the ones with progressive jackpots. What is true for all casinos games is to make sure to get the highest bonus available. I will tell you more about that in the next chapter.

If you want to make money in the long run with gambling you should start playing Texas Hold’em Poker. Then, you won’t get around studying the strategies to become better than your opponents and beat the rake of the casino. Our website offers an ideal introduction to that.

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