Personality Quiz: What Type of Poker Player Are You?

Complete our personality test to find out what type of poker player you are and what poker room is best for you. Answer these ten questions and have a look at the suggested poker rooms that match your personality.

  1. Blackjack and Roulette

  2. The number of online poker room accounts I have is

  3. My favourite buy-in is

  4. A gutshot straight draw has the following number of out

  5. The Independent Chip Model (ICM)

  6. A poker tool like the SnG Wizard

  7. Boku87

  8. I play at the same time

  9. With my online bankroll I could purchase ___ tournament tickets on my favourite buy-ins

  10. My winnings

Best poker rooms for different types of players

PokerStars is another very good choice for professional grinders. Thanks to the very high number of online poker players (Stars is the largest poker room in the world), even at the highest stakes Sit and Go games start very regularly.

PartyPoker is a great choice for gamblers and professional grinder. Thanks to the high traffic, tournament tables fill quickly even at high buy-ins. And if you don’t like playing poker today, you can have fun in the casino with blackjack and roulette – two fun games that are not offered by Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars.

BWIN is ideal for amateur players and advanced players: nice software, fishy opponents (thanks to casino, gambling and sportsbook players at the poker tables) and always have enough players to rapidly start a few tournaments like Sit and Go’s, Double or Nothing or MTT’s.

Betsson is like BWIN a good option for advanced players. Except for the different layout of the poker tables (they are green instead of dark gray), the software is identical to the one of BWIN. Betsson offers an exciting bonus of up to $555 (bonus code FDB555) for new players.

Winner Poker is a good choice for advanced players. Robust software that allows you to play many tables at once and high traffic guarantees fun any time, day or night.

LuckyAce Poker is an ideal start into the online poker world for amateur players and gamblers. At the lower limits, there are always enough players who do not really know much about Poker. Furthermore, you can also have fun in the casino by playing Blackjack or Roulette.

PKR is also great choice for amateur players and gamblers. The games are very soft, and the great 3D software, combined with a customizable avatar, make PKR a very fun place to play online Poker.